Clearing Snow

The law seems to state that if we clear the snow from the path in front of our house and then someone slips and falls we could be sued.

When I was a child I remember clearing the snow and I enjoying the satisfaction of making a little contribution to the friendliness of our local area. It’s a world we seem to have lost – we now look for someone else to blame: “why haven’t the council cleared the pavements?”

This is not a trivial matter. There is a shortage of salt and grit for the Council to use even if they have the budget. Everyone probably knows someone who has slipped on the ice and accident and emergency hospitals are stretched to the limit. Some elderly people have been held practically prisoners in their own homes.

Laws and conventions are created by government statute and hundreds of years of case history. We should still expect the local authorities to take the lead on snow clearance on public roads, cycle and foot paths but If the individuals within a community want to clear the snow outside their own homes they should be encouraged and protected not penalised by the law.

This is probably something that, even in this as a General Election year, all politicians can agree on?