Just how noisy are wind turbines?

A friend of the family recently gave me some old newspaper cuttings that were generally anti-wind turbines. One was written by Frieda Hughes (daughter of the late poet laureate) and was from The Sunday Times in which she wrote “The noise of each turbine was a jet engine preparing for takeoff but never leaving the ground.” Could they really be that noisy? In a very unscientific way I thought it would be interesting to go and see and hear for myself. I chose a large wind farm at Carno, Mid Wales, which has 59 turbines and was completed in 1996, thinking they sound like they might be quite old now and maybe on the noisy end of the spectrum. It was a windy day and drizzling. We parked our car about a mile away and could hear nothing but the intense noise of the wind buffeting our bodies and coats. Once standing directly beneath the turbine it was definitely quite noisy but the noise was comparable with the actual noise of the wind. So on this day on that site with that wind level sorry there was no “noise of a jet engine”. My goal was to get some first hand knowledge but accept that this was not a scientific study of the effect of noisy turbines. Attached is a photo of me in front of the turbines and a couple of sound recordings. Both of them are very noisy but I assure you much / most of this was the noise of the wind. If anybody knows of a really noisy turbine site within a couple of hours travel from Worcester please let me know and I’d be pleased to visit to increase my education.

20 metres away

Under the turbine blade