Anybody for Foie Gras?

When I heard that Tesco are selling Foie Gras in their shops in Hungary of course I had to challenge them. Basicly Foie Gras is an expensive delicacy produced by force feeding ducks and geese to extent that their livers grow to about 8x normal size. The force feeding is brutal literally using a tube that is rammed down the animals throat and the food is then forced into the birds neck.
What do you think of Tesco saying that it is OK to sell it in Hungary? Below is their letter in reply to my complaint.

Dear Mr Stephen

Thank you for your email to Philip Clarke, our Chief Executive, to which I have been asked to respond.

Foie gras production in Hungary is a traditional local industry and is a popular part of the local diet. Production practices for the brands we do stock must conform with Hungarian and EU law, and must be controlled and approved by local vets.

We recognise that this is a difficult issue, and we do not sell foie gras in our UK stores. Tesco is known for improving welfare standards in the countries in which we operate and we remain committed to improving standards of animal welfare across our business.

In doing this, we do however have to take into account differing cultural attitudes in different countries, in this case the different traditions, expectations and values of our Hungarian customers.

We believe that a decision to stop selling foie gras in Hungary would be seen as out of touch with local customers and would have no meaningful impact on the production or consumption of the product.

Kind regards

Elliot Duckett
Customer Service Executive

If you want to lobby Tesco you can use the following link: