Is the NHS really being privatised – really?

Some will say that outsourcing is not really the same as privatising something.

When we talk of privatisation we are talking about a process that is moving a service along a continuum.

Privatisation does not happen all in one step, it can be a gradual process, it’s a direction of travel rather than an end point.

Do you agree with these definitions?

  • Privatising or Privatisation: Something that is in the process of being privatised.
  • Privatised: Clearly past tense, implies that the transition from public to private has been largely completed.

So yes, the NHS is in the process of being privatised.

But no, we are not saying that the NHS has been privatised or will be fully privatised in the next few years. There is still a long way to go but we must be on our guard to stop the current processes continuing.

This great little video explains that privatisation is a process: Video