6 Towns Credit Union – Supporting The Local Economy

I’m just writing to ask if anyone feels able to join me in supporting
our local credit union now that they have established a physical
presents in the city. For anyone who isn’t sure how a credit union
differs from a high street bank I offer this brief explanation.

A credit union can be thought of as a local bank with community and
social intentions. Each union only operates in a defined geographical
area and only runs accounts for people and businesses in this defined
area. Credit unions don’t lend money to large national or
international companies such as BP, or play the stock market. However,
they do lend money to local businesses and people on very low incomes
and or benefits at far more reasonable rates of interest and terms
than loan sharks. In this way credit unions support the local economy
and benefit claimants in ways that the high street banks do not.

Now that 6Towns Credit Union has opened an office in Worcester I have
opened a savings account with them and by giving them some of my money
I believe I am helping to support the local economy and population.

People can open an account with 6Towns Credit Union in two ways;
Online on their website [www.sixtowns.co.uk]
Or by going into their Worcester branch in Lowesmoor, the office now
occupies the old Lowesmoor CAB offices.

Thank you for helping me to promote this idea.

Guest blog by Duncan Bell 05/11/15