Plea to Labour supporters: Please Vote Green

“Why should I vote Green? Surely with Labour now getting off the fence on renationalising the railways and stopping fracking surely the priority has to be to stop the Conservatives getting a massive majority at Westminster?”
The problem is that Labour is not one party it’s two parties pulling in different directions. On the one side you have Corbyn and on the other the more right wing Blairite faction. Which part of the Labour Party would you be electing on 8th June?

* Labour have been rubbish at fighting for a less extreme version of Brexit.

* Labour are confused on Trident – are they for or against? Will they build the submarines and then not buy the actual nuclear missiles?

* They’ve agreed to build Hinckley C when the money could have been spent more effectively on genuinely renewable energy.

* They talk about tackling air pollution and congestion but yet are still committed to building more roads and expanding airports.

* They talk about voting reforms but still will not support fair voting systems using proportional representation.

UKIP were incredibly successful in getting Brexit, immigration and grammar schools on the table and have shifted the Conservatives to the right. If you want to move Labour to a more environmentally sustainable progressive party please apply maximum pressure on Labour by voting Green at this election.