Why is the Green Party standing in Worcester at this general election?

Why wouldn’t we? We believe that the electoral system is broken. Everyone should be given a chance to vote Green if they want to.

After the school strikes and Extinction Rebellion protests this is the climate change election. There has never been so much public concern, so every green vote will count to send a powerful message to whomever will be forming a government. If there are no GP candidates on the ballot paper, this message cannot be sent. We must stand to be heard! The climate emergency is THE most important issue we have (even more important than Brexit). We’ll take no lectures from the Labour Party as they do not yet support fair proportional voting systems for parliament. They had a chance to campaign for the Alternative Vote in the 2012 referendum but instead they chose to sit on the fence. The Alternative Vote system would have allowed people to rank their preferences instead of a simple ‘cross’ in the current first past the post system.