Report Back From Latest PACT meeting (January 2020)

I’d like to share with you the latest crime stats as reported in last month’s Partners And Communities Together (PACT) meeting. From 19th September to 28th January there were:

• four burglaries,
• five acts of criminal damage,
• five vehicle crimes,
• thirteen road traffic accidents,
• three thefts from sheds / outside stores and
• fifteen incidents of reported antisocial behaviour.

I asked the police what if anything we should be doing to further protect ourselves from crime. As always it’s a case of making sure we all lock our cars and taking steps to stop people getting round the back of properties where they can break-in without being overseen. However there is a recent increase in the number of break-ins to sheds and outbuildings. If you have a shed it might be worth just taking another critical look at the security of the lock you use and consider fitting motion activated lights.

It was reported back that the request for the much awaited double yellow lines on the corner of Battenhall Road and Timberdine Avenue as well as the corner of Battenhall Road and London Road are lodged with Highways Department and are continuing to be chased.

I’m joining a number of local residents who have volunteered to support the police with hand held radar speed gun checks. We are all going to receive some training – I’m pushing for a start date.

I think it’s important that we acknowledge the fantastic work done by the police in protecting the community as well as acknowledging the contribution of local residents to making Battenhall such a clean, safe and pleasant community in which to live.

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As always if there is anything you would like to raise about issues affecting our area please contact me.
Best wishes