GE 2017 – WTUC – Questions for PPCs

Worcester Trades Council organised a hustings that was cancelled because of the Manchester bombing atrocity. All candidates were given the questions before the hustings and the following replies would have been given if it has gone ahead. The Green Party thanks WTUC for the original invitation and offering to send this link to the guests […]

Tree Planting To Reduce Air Pollution?

International studies have shown that trees can reduce the amount of particulate matter in the air. Little hairs on the leaves trap the dirt and when the leaves drop they bring down the dirt with them. Planting trees in a city environment is not cheap. You can actually get trees very cheaply – even for […]

Why did I support a motion that brings back the committee system to Worcester City Council?

Let’s be clear what the committee system is. There are different variations but basically it is a system where councillors meet to discuss and agree council policy. Committee systems are by law populated with elected members in proportion to the number of councillors that each party holds. There is normally one overall controlling committee and […]

6 Towns Credit Union – Supporting The Local Economy

I’m just writing to ask if anyone feels able to join me in supporting our local credit union now that they have established a physical presents in the city. For anyone who isn’t sure how a credit union differs from a high street bank I offer this brief explanation. A credit union can be thought […]

Living Over The Shop

Why have I launched an advocacy group called Living Over The Shop? During the May 2015 General Election I attended about 20 different hustings and in quite a few the question came up “What would you do about all the building on Green Field sites?” My stock answer generally went down very well with the […]