Implications of the proposed new planning rules

The Government wants to see hundreds of thousands of new homes built every year. It’s a laudable aim. Applying the laws of supply and demand – more houses on the market should in theory keep a downwards pressure on house prices. A big increase in house building should create thousands of high quality jobs and […]

Battenhall News – July 2020

Battenhall News is delivered across the ward but the digital version has increased space for bigger pictures, more stories, is in colour and has interactive working hyperlinks. Battenhall News – July 2020 If you’d like to receive future copies direct to your inbox please let me know:  

Let’s Talk About Bonfires

Over the last few weeks several residents have contacted us about their neighbours’ bonfires. It’s a tricky subject – a bit like people playing music too loud or letting a boundary hedge grow too tall – everyone has a different opinion on what is acceptable or reasonable. It’s an emotive subject, but probably better to […]

Is this really the time to tackle climate change?

Yesterday I was on BBC local radio talking about how we need to build back better after Covid-19. You can listen here: (3hrs:8min) or if reading is your thing please see transcript below. Louis Stephen on BBC Hereford and Worcester 25/06/2020 Toni McDonald – What do you make of the protests happening today? Do […]

Day With Traffic Wardens

As part of my councillor responsibilities I am the Health & Safety champion for the council. H&S is responsibility of everyone and ultimate responsibility lies with the Managing Director. My role as H&S Champion is to keep an eye on the culture within the organisation and to make sure sufficient resources are being deployed. Health […]

Hospital Overloaded

We have a housing plan but what about a matching hospital plan? I’m pleased to see Worcester News are giving a weekly update on the performance of Worcester’s hospital. I have nothing but admiration for all the doctors, nurses and all the other staff for their hard work and dedication providing hospital services in very […]

Political Parties Come Together To Set Unanimous Budget

The City Council has just set its annual budget. Remarkably, the budget was agreed unanimously by all the councillors present on a cross-party basis. I’m proud to have played my part in working with the other parties to help build a consensus on what is important for Worcester. Key highlight for me is our commitment […]

Report Back From Latest PACT meeting (January 2020)

I’d like to share with you the latest crime stats as reported in last month’s Partners And Communities Together (PACT) meeting. From 19th September to 28th January there were: • four burglaries, • five acts of criminal damage, • five vehicle crimes, • thirteen road traffic accidents, • three thefts from sheds / outside stores […]

School Drop-off Mayhem

Early start this morning talking to BBC Hereford and Worcester radio about how we can tackle the car chaos outside many of our schools. For future notifications of my blog please like and follow my councillor facebook page: