6 Towns Credit Union – Supporting The Local Economy

I’m just writing to ask if anyone feels able to join me in supporting our local credit union now that they have established a physical presents in the city. For anyone who isn’t sure how a credit union differs from a high street bank I offer this brief explanation. A credit union can be thought […]

Living Over The Shop

Why have I launched an advocacy group called Living Over The Shop? During the May 2015 General Election I attended about 20 different hustings and in quite a few the question came up “What would you do about all the building on Green Field sites?” My stock answer generally went down very well with the […]

Is the NHS really being privatised – really?

Some will say that outsourcing is not really the same as privatising something. When we talk of privatisation we are talking about a process that is moving a service along a continuum. Privatisation does not happen all in one step, it can be a gradual process, it’s a direction of travel rather than an end point. Do […]