Would you feel cheated if you could not vote Green?

The Green Party is growing, membership is going through the roof and the national opinion polls are quite often giving us around 10%. Just one problem the party is struggling to capitalise on this new popularity – some areas do not yet have a Green candidate selected and for smaller parties raising the £500 deposit […]

Anybody for Foie Gras?

When I heard that Tesco are selling Foie Gras in their shops in Hungary of course I had to challenge them. Basicly Foie Gras is an expensive delicacy produced by force feeding ducks and geese to extent that their livers grow to about 8x normal size. The force feeding is brutal literally using a tube […]

Just how noisy are wind turbines?

A friend of the family recently gave me some old newspaper cuttings that were generally anti-wind turbines. One was written by Frieda Hughes (daughter of the late poet laureate) and was from The Sunday Times in which she wrote “The noise of each turbine was a jet engine preparing for takeoff but never leaving the […]

We need reform of banks before 2019

Reproduced from letter published in Worcester News Wednesday 21st September 2011 SIR – One of the causes of the 2007/2008 credit crunch, the bail-out of the banks, the drop in our living standards and the cuts to our jobs and services is that the banks and other city institutions were not properly regulated and were […]

The Green Thing

A friend recently sent to me this by email – I though it worth repeating: In the line at the store, the cashier told an older woman that she should bring her own grocery bags because plastic bags weren’t good for the environment. The woman apologized to him and explained, “We didn’t have the green […]

GP Consortia – next steps to privatisation?

The proposed Conservative plans to give GP’s the ability / right to contract health services don’t sound that radical right?” The problem is that in practice most doctors will not be contracting the health services themselves, they will be coming together in large consortia which in plain language means that our health service will now […]