Green Party Supports New Hockey Proposal

Why is Worcester Green Party (WGP) supporting the creation of new facilities for playing hockey in the city? What is the difference between that scheme and the Perdiswell football scheme? Every case should be considered on its own merits, balancing the expected benefits with the likely negatives. Football matches are principally spectator games – 22 […]


This year saw a fantastic initiative where the city council experimented with the introduction of some new wildflower areas across the city. These were a brilliant addition to both St Peters and Battenhall. Most of these new wildflower areas were created by clearing the ground and seeding with a proprietary wildflower seed mix. The results […]

Planning System Crushes The Little Man

Our planning system is biased in favour of developers against ordinary people. It is biased at every level but as often is the case you can only see the biases when you engage with the system. I’ve been on the council’s planning committee for three years and I’ve seen first-hand how our system operates: First […]


I have to confess that I find looking at other people’s holiday pictures quite boring – ditto holiday stories. So why write about my summer holiday on my political blog? This year we decided to travel around Poland by train – a sort of grownup 52 year old’s interrail.  As I’ve said before we should […]

A Day Out With The Bin Men

Why? Council recently decided to create a Health and Safety (H&S) Champion and I was elected to this role as I am chair of one of the committees. It’s the Managing Director’s responsibility to create a safe working culture but it is the role of the H&S Champion to make sure that from a political […]

The untold story of this years council budget

It’s a sad fact of life that good news does not sell newspapers. Last week 35 councillors representing the Green Party, Labour and Conservatives unanimously agreed the city council budget. This unanimity of cross-party working has not happened before in anyone’s memory. It’s important because it means that to a large degree we are reasonably […]